11201 progressive lenses

11201 Progressive Lenses

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People who have more than one refraction error usually get two pairs of eyeglasses; one for reading to see close objects and one for distance vision in order to see far away for things like driving. However, buying two pairs of eyeglasses can be expensive and takes extra effort and care. If you’re in this situation you owe it to yourself to explore 11201 progressive lenses as a potential solution.

A more affordable alternative to buying two pairs of eyeglasses would be to get one pair of eyeglasses that has more than one lens power such as multifocals. There are different types of multifocal lenses that can benefit you because they have more than one lens powers. Bifocals are eyeglasses that have lenses that consist of two different optical powers. They are beneficial to patients who need for both near and farsighted vision correction. Bifocals are designed in a way that close-up vision is at the bottom and far-away vision is at the top. The bottom part of the lens is for close-up focusing and the top part is for long distance vision. Therefore, people who wear bifocals would have to get used to looking up when they are focusing on long distance objects and look down when focusing on nearby objects. Trifocals are very similar to bifocals except they have three different optical powers within the lens that corrects vision at all distances. Although bifocals and trifocals have many benefits, they do have some disadvantages. Some people don’t care for their appearance because they have visible lines on the lenses. 11201 progressive lenses solve that problem. Progressive lenses would be a better option for people who dislike the visible lines. Progressives offer more natural vision correction for people with presbyopia than bifocals or trifocals offer. When you come to our practice, our expert, Dr. Aaron Mandel and the rest of our knowledgeable team members will assist you in choosing the right lenses for you.

To learn more about progressive lenses, you should consult with our expert. Contact us to schedule your 11201 progressive lenses consultation today.

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