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Downtown Brooklyn Eye Doctor

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Comprehensive eye care in Downtown Brooklyn

When it comes to comprehensive eye care, the practice of Dr. Aaron Mandel means complete yearly eye exams, screenings for eye diseases, prescriptions for corrective lenses, emergency service, and artificial eyes. The goal of our Downtown Brooklyn eye doctor is to ensure the optimal health and well-being of your eyes, and to provide you with the highest level of vision you’re capable of having.

Only someone who is 100% sure that there is no room for vision improvement couldn’t benefit from an eye exam. Visual requirements change with time, so if you don’t currently wear eyeglasses or contacts, you might find that now is a good time to start. And if you do have corrective eyewear at the moment, perhaps an update to the prescription is in order. Our Downtown Brooklyn eye doctor wants you to have the sharpest vision with the greatest clarity possible, and at all distances. Glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy are all common eye diseases which share one alarming aspect: they don’t have any obvious symptoms until they have become advanced. Why risk harm to your eyes or vision loss, both of which might be irreversible? Screenings are simple, and with early detection and treatment, it is possible to slow down the progress of eye disease and make certain you can retain the most vision you can. Unfortunately, these conditions are not curable, but they can most certainly be managed. In between your annual trips here, always know you can turn to us for urgent care, ranging from something stuck in your eye to discharge, infections, pain, and redness. And when an eye needs to be replaced, we perform that service with artificial eyes.

Reach out to our office and let us arrange a convenient time for you to come in for an examination by our Downtown Brooklyn eye doctor.

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