Downtown Brooklyn eyeglass repairs

Downtown Brooklyn Eyeglass Repairs

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We take great pride in providing high quality, well-made eyeglasses here at the optometry practice and optical store of Dr. Aaron Mandel. However, even the most reliable and finely crafted eyeglasses are subject to breakage, and wear and tear. When those situations occur, depend on our Downtown Brooklyn eyeglass repairs for quick, precise, dependable work. We know how much you depend on your glasses, and we don’t want you to be without them any longer than absolutely necessary.

Think of how many times you handle your glasses each and every day. You put them on, you take them off, you adjust them. Accidents happen. Maybe you bend them too far, drop them, or put them somewhere and leave them prone to being sat or stepped on. The frames may be harmed or it could be your lenses; possibly both. Believe us, these things happen much more often than you may realize. We know because many of our valued customers come to us to take advantage of our Downtown Brooklyn eyeglass repairs. And if yours are fixable, we will tend to it as quickly as possible. If they are beyond repair, then our priority is to help you to get a replacement pair right away. It’s not possible to create 100% assurance against damage to your eyeglasses, but the best protection you can afford them is a hard shell case. A soft case is certainly better than no case at all, but with a hard shell case, you’re in a better position to prevent breakage from heavy objects or hard surfaces, for just a couple of examples. We also recommend that you pick up a home repair kit so that you can deal with small issues on your own.

There is no appointment needed for our Downtown Brooklyn eyeglass repairs. Please stop in at your earliest convenience for the expert help you need.

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