Optometrist in Downtown Brooklyn

Optometrist in Downtown Brooklyn

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Our optometrist in Downtown Brooklyn, Dr. Aaron Mandel, offers an array of valuable services such as comprehensive eye exams for adults as well as for children. In addition, you can get your corrective eyewear here, including progressive and transition lenses, and protective and sports eyewear. But we also provide eyeglass repair and emergency eye treatment, as well as artificial eyes. You can depend on a full complement of services at our store.

All adults should have an eye exam conducted once per year. This is important because your vision needs are always changing and you want your existing prescription lenses to be giving you the best vision correction you can get. Or if you don’t wear any glasses or contacts now, you can experience the improvement that they make possible. There’s more, though. Comprehensive eye exams mean being screened for the most common eye diseases, like glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy, none of which have any noticeable symptoms in their early stages. With prompt detection, treatment, and management by our optometrist in Downtown Brooklyn, you can put the chances of a positive outcome distinctly in your favor. All the eyewear you could need and want are here, including ones for safety and for playing your favorite sport. Your child should get his or her first examination by the time of starting school and then every two years thereafter. Our optometrist in Downtown Brooklyn is attuned to the specific requirements of kids, and will make certain that she or he is comfortable and relaxed. Probably our most unique service is in providing artificial (prosthetic) eyes that are not functional, but give back the cosmetic appearance of two natural eyes when one is lost due to illness or injury.

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